TurningPoint USA group presents Robert Spencer on UCLA campus - under heavy security

Robert Spencer addressing UCLA's TurningPoint USA club
Robert Spencer, a critical scholar of political Islam, founded and runs Jihad Watch. He addressed a public audience at UCLA's Royce Hall on Monday, March 4, 2019 organized by Charlie Kirk's TurningPoint USA (this by the college clubs of Southern California) which was attended by club members and members of the public. 

While the audience was very supportive, the security was very tight. A few older students (who appeared to be Muslim) arrived late and after listening for awhile, departed early. 

Transcript: [Applause]
Robert Spencer: "A few years ago, Barack Obama went to Cairo and he spoke at al-Azhar, which is the foremost institution in Sunni Islam and he made an outreach speech to the Islamic world that was very famous at the time. You may have heard about it. And he chose a lot hard to speak because of its prestige and its centrality and influence among Muslims of oh hello the among sunni muslims worldwide and so i thought that it would be appropriate to start off with a couple of quotes from this guide I brought here which is called Reliance of the Traveler. It is certified by al-Azhar as it conforms to the practice and faith of the Orthodox Sunni community and that is the certification of the general Department for research writing and translation at al-Azhar,so if you want to know what Islam is all about they're saying this is it conforms to the practice and faith of the Orthodox learning community and in this book you can read that the Muslim community has the responsibility it's

here section o nine-point eight if you've got it with you it makes war upon Jews, Christians, and Zoroastrians in order to, excuse me, until they become Muslim or else pay the non-muslim poll tax. The Calif and of course there is no Calif right now get to that but the Kayla fights all other people's until they become Muslim or are permitted to live under the protection of the Islamic state if they either become Muslim or agree to pay the poll tax. Now when we are speaking about

societies that protect human rights and make sure that equal protection of the law is afforded to all people and the people of different perspectives can live together in mutual respect and harmony. 
Then we are talking about something that is very different from this that is enjoining warfare against people simply because they hold to another faith. Now this is a matter of

serious concern because there are people who believe in this and consider it their responsibility before God to wage war in accordance with these directives and others that I could show you.