Pres. Trump and Sen. Lindsey Graham deliver to Republican Jewish Coalition (original videos)

Pres. Trump tells Republican Jewish Coalition confab in Las Vegas: 'Preserve our incumbency to save America against Red/Green revolutionaries'

Pres. Trump reassured audience at Republican Jewish Coalition of his commitment to the stability of Israel, America's partner in support of freedom and democracy in the Middle East.
Jewish-Leftist, IfNotNow group (funded by democracy-destabilizer George Soros), interrupted the address and are summarily over-shouted by the audience and ejected by security guards. The US president delivered these remarks to GOP Jews welcomed on eve of Israel's election, in advance of putting-fortward his administration's Middle-East peace-plan. He asks the audience, "How the hell did Jews ever support Obama?

In Part 2, Pres. Trump addresses Democrat abuses through media, border, and reverse-racism.

Amidst chants of "four more years," Pres. Donald Trump addresses fixing Democrats and globalists exploitations of America via Mexico, Iran, fomenting anti-Semitism, and yellow-journalism.

Ken Abramowitz, political analyst with "Save the West," interprets and elaborates on Pres. Trump's remarks in the context of the Islamo-Leftist campaign to discredit and replace Republican leadership.

Ken Abramowitz, chairman of "Citizens for National Security," interprets Pres. Trump's points at R.J.C. Vegas speech in the context of what he considers a cultural war from the Reds and Greens movement.

In view of Islamist and Russian threats surrounding Israel, Sen. Lindsey Graham proposes that Congress assures Israel's  security through a compact.

Sen. Lindsey Graham addressing Republican Jewish Coalition's Spring Meet in Las Vegas - goes out on a limb to guarantee Israel's safety as White House puts risky, Arab-sought, regional plan to them.

Parkland massacre: What does victim's father blame for our unsafe society?

Parkland massacre victim Meadow Pollack's father, Andrew Pollack, addresses Jewish-Americans at Republican Jewish Coalition meeting in April- encouraging support for Pres. Donald Trump's administration against the hyper-liberal Democrat policies imperiling civilized societies.

Why Parkland massacre survivor dad urges fellow Jews #walkaway from Democrats

Mr. Andrew Pollack, father of Parkland H.S. massacre victim, Meadow Pollack, calls for Democrats (particularly, fellow Jewish Democrats in Florida) to #walkaway from what he has experienced as a corrupted, now-socialistic, anti-Semitic-led, Democrat Party.

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