'Enrich your soul by visiting Israel, urge prominent ministers celebrating Israel's 60th Independence at Nashville NRB

Prominent ministers Kay Arthur of Precept Ministries (pictured), Eagles' Wings' Robert Stearns, and Washington attorney Jay Sekulow joined Nashville Pastor Jerry Sutton's Two-Rivers Baptist Congregation in celebrating Israel's 60th Anniversary. They all encouraged Christians to travel to Israel for a personally transformational experience.

Honored guests included El Al Israel Airlines' Chairman Izzy Borovitch and North American CEO Ofer Gat;

Israel Ministry of Tourism's Jerusalem-based Director-General, Shaul Zemach; Oren Drori, Senior Deputy Director-General; Mr. Arie Sommer- Tourism Commissioner for North & South America; Rami Levi – Israel Special Emissary to the U.S. Evangelical Communities from Los Angeles. Musical performers included recording artists Paul Wilbur and Grammy-nominee Amick Byram.


  1. "Death To The Jews" Graffiti Sprayed Inside Israeli El Al Plane's Cargo Bay


  2. April 2008 - Tel Aviv - Despite the Israeli airline's tight security, unknown vandals spray-painted anti-Semitic slogans inside the cargo bay of an El-Al passenger plane, probably as it was docked in Milan, an Israeli newspaper reported Tuesday.

    The slogans, in Arabic, included "Death to the Jews," the Yediot Ahronot daily said.

    El-Al staff members discovered them as they were loading luggage onto the plane at Milan's Malpensa Airport before it was heading back to Tel Aviv.

    The perpetrator spray-painted the graffiti in the plane's cargo bay earlier, probably shortly after it landed in Milan and as luggage was being unloaded.

    But it could have been carried out earlier, while the plane was at another destination, said the daily, which quoted Malpensa's airport police and Italian and Israeli police and security officials.

    A team of Italian inspectors launched a thorough investigation and questioned all ground staff that had been in contact with the plane.

    El-Al is considered one the most secured airlines in the world.

    A spokeswoman for the airline would not give details about the incident because it was a security-related issue.

    "Since El-Al was founded, security constitutes a top value for it and a corner stone on which the company's activities rest on all flights in Israel and abroad."

    "The company does not compromise on the issue of security in any way, also not regarding the current incident," she said in a written statement sent to Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa.

    El-Al demanded an investigation into the incident as soon as it learned of it, the statement added.