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Israeli TV broadcaster addresses the challenges faced in covering a citizens' army playing into Hamas' propaganda war

Hal Linden ("Barney Miller") endorses Israel against media bias at JNF confab
Britain's former armed forces commander in Afghanistan talks to Jerusalem U about the double standards in the treatment of the Israel Defense Forces, who was set-up by Hamas to elicit maximal civlilian injury (to smear Israel and evoke abscondable, re-building aid) during the recent Gaza conflict.

Speaking at the Jewish National Fund's conference in Los Angeles this week, Israeli Channel 2's anchorwoman and senior correspondent, Dana Weiss, presented some of the issues which Israel's broadcasters faced in covering the Israel Defense Forces' Operation Protective Edge to stop Hamas' terrorizing rocketing and tunnel abductions.

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Post-9/11 check-up: "How well-informed is our society to defend America (and freedom) against Islamist revolution?

A DemoCast original production. America's 13-year check-up. Taking stock of Americans' understanding of the jihadist attacks of September 11, 2001 and their relevance in understanding the goals of Islamism and how to defend freedom against Islamism's global revolution.
9/11 Ceremony in L.A. omits reference to who is at war with America & why

Using the annual Los Angeles, Sept. 11th civic ceremony as an example, what are the lessons which 9/11-like terror anniversary events ought be teaching the public about the Islamist revolution fighting to control and dominate the life on non-Muslims? After a dozen years since the Islamist attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, ought civic commemorations be merely mourning our losses, or steeling free-people's understanding and resolve to overcome the revolutionary movement working to control free-societies?

Features former Muslim, Islamism educator Nonie Darwish, author of "Now they call ME infidel."

Beyond 9/11: Islamophobia taboo imperils next-gen America to Islamist takeover

A dozen years after 2001, the 8th grader who sings the national anthem at the September 11th Attack commemoration ceremony in Beverly Hills is asked some basic questions about the 9/11 attacks and consequent war- with surprising answers.

9/11: Miss Teen USA models schools' failure to prepare youth to protect freedom

Miss Teen USA contestant from Beverly Hills in 2013, Savanah Palacio, an articulate, Pasadena, California high-school senior, explains what high-school has taught her about the identity and intentions of the 9//11 jihad attackers, and America's defense against jihadism, and how to protect freedom from totalitarian Islamism.


Sept.11th +13 years: Should we be able to publicly discuss what's at war with us and why ?

Los Angeles commemorates the tragedy of September 11th at the 9/11 Memorial Fountain, situated in front of Los Angeles Fire Department Fire Station 88 in Sherman Oaks.

LAFD Fire Station 88 is home to California Task Force 1, the premier 70-member Urban Search and Rescue Team that was the first U.S.and R Team called to Ground Zero on 9/11/2001. CA-TF-1 has responded to Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Ike, as well as many local disasters.


Americans bristle at Obama administration granting privileges to Islamist-abetters, Qatar and Turkey. Mixed ethnicities protest at Qatari consulate in Beverly Hills

Palestinian Authority President Mahmud Abbas with Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad al-Thani and Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal in Doha on August 21, 2014. (photo credit: AFP PHOTO/ PPO / THAER GHANEM  via Times of Israel)
In a recent report appearing in the UK-based Telegraph, both Qatar and Kuwait were singled out for openly, and even avidly, aiding fundraising efforts for Islamic State/ISIS terrorists who are currently engaged in fierce clashes with the Syrian army alongside Israel on the Golan Heights. (The Algemeiner 9/7)

Qatar and Turkey are accused of taking over as the main foreign patrons for Hamas after Iran and the Sunni organization had a falling out three years ago - over its support for rebel fighters seeking to dislodge Tehran's ally, Bashar al-Assad in Syria. Qatar hosts Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal and has pledged $400 million in infrastructure funding for Hamas. ("Congress goes after 'frenemies' Turkey, Qatar" in al-Monitor 9/9)

Arlan Mitnick organized Qatar Consulate protest in LA
In Beverly Hills, California, an ethnically-diverse group of Christians, Jews, a Hindu Sikh demonstrated against the Obama administration's enabling Qatar's influence - which they feel contradicts America's foreign policy interest to defeat the Islamist groups which persecute non-Muslim peoples, like the Coptic Christians of Egypt and the Jews of Israel. The protest was held outside the Qatar Consulate in Beverly Hills on Sunday, September 7th. Many passing cars honked their horns in solidarity with the protestors

Civic-activist Ted Hayes condemns Obama's embrace of Qatar
Amit Katz: 'Block $11 Bil arms from terrorist hands via Qatar'
Lyric drew flags of peoples Qatar's jihadist funding oppresses
"The Qatari Consulate pays ISIS to kill us all" writes May


Anti-Zionists blame CNN in L.A.. for bias in under-reporting Hamas' manipulated news

Anti-Zionist activist group, ANSWER organized another pro-Hamas / anti-Israel rally within a month of the march they held between the Federal Building and the Israeli Consulate in L.A.  They marched a few blocks in Hollywood to stage a protest outside the CNN building which obstructed traffic on Sunset Boulevard for several hours.

The rally was held on the 9th anniversary of Israel de-occupying Gaza- a withdrawal to enable the Palestinians to demonstrate the safety their desired sovereign state would assure the beseiged Jewish state.  The Gazans destroyed the commercial agriculture which Israel gifted them- and moved rocket-launchers to fire more than 11,000 rockets from a closer proximity to Israeli population centers. Since 2001, Palestinians have fired more than 15,000 rockets and mortars indiscriminately against Israel.

Rally-attendees interviewed revealed such unawareness of Islamist Hamas' published mission statement (to decimate the Jews "from the River to the Sea" and conquer the Jewish state as an Islamist Palestine) or Hamas' uncovered battle plan to maximize civilian Palestinian casualties by provoking Israeli retaliation against mosques, schools, and other civilian centers.  

 Omar Rashput ("The Prince of Pop") led the anti-Israel marchers for press photographers costumed as Michael Jackson. We inquired what authority he has to identify Michael Jackson as anti-Israel or pro-Palestine.

CNN moved Wolf Blitzer to Israel for 2-weeks to augment their broadcasting (under duress) from Gaza. From both locations, CNN gave extensive voice to Palestinian news, newsmakers, and spokespeople, but apparently, for the anti-Zionist ralliers dismayed by hearing an objective, balanced perspective on events (or not liking to see the casualties Hamas evoked) the demonstrators at the rally blamed CNN and Israel, but not Hamas.  

This rally co-organizer dressed herself, her daughters and other children in bloody make-up and costumes to malign Israel, not Hamas, which they excused.

Donatella Rovera, 
Children of a Palestinian-American father claim that CNN "lies" and that the news they hear from relatives is more accurate than that depicted on CNN.  

But prize-winning Israeli blogger, Elder of Ziyon reports that Ms. Donatella Rovera, who conducted research for Amnesty Int'l ,explained why "eyewitnesses" will often claim that there was no terrorist activity in the area of an airstrike and Israel wantonly and indiscriminately killed people for no reason. ... It is part of their culture to ensure that Israel is always blamed no matter what. It saturates their media. I cannot count how many times "eyewitness" accounts were found to be complete fiction, and fear didn't enter into the equation. However, many of the "witnesses" happen to work for the largest employer in the West Bank - the PA - which lies constantly.

 Similarly, people we interviewed bemoaned Palestinian losses, but justified Hamas' role in provocatively rocketing Israel for over a decade as a "resistance movement."

This Thai gentleman (who disguised himself in an Thai anti-government mask (of Salvador Dali) would not acknowledge familiarity with the global jihad (of which Hamas and Palestine are the Israeli front to) even though (according to ZombieTime, with gruesome photographic evidence) 
Muslim separatists in the southern-most portion of the country have been committing a seemingly unending series of terror attacks on Thai Buddhists, on other Muslims (apparently as punishment for not supporting the violence) and on the Thai police and military. This has been going on at least since 2004, and most likely much longer (though unseen by the outside world). The goal of the terrorists is to create a Muslim-controlled independent state ruled by Islamic law.

Interview subjects, like this lawyer and rally co-organizer, called CNN's coverage of the Gaza conflict "biased," even though they couldn't provide specific evidence.

Though the anti-Zionist rally had clear anti-Semitic blood-libel tones, no L.A. pro-Israel or Jewish organization presented any objection or counter against the march and rally.

See: Hamas provides new info on moves to squeeze foreign media
The Times of Israel
Spokeswoman says pressure meant to ensure ‘fair reporting,’ block information about rocket launch sites

Read more: Hamas provides new info on moves to squeeze foreign media |


Californians challenge Hamas-rallyers attempting to project Islamist ethics onto Israel

Anti-Israel, Islamo-Marxists obtained a permit to march from the L.A. Federal Building near UCLA to the Israeli Consulate on Sunday August 10th.  In the absence of any advocacy organizational counter-protest for this weekend, Amy Hunter, overcame her inexperience by organizing a large pro-Israel rally at Los Angeles' Federal Building.  

The vociferous Arabs were surprised to see a formidable, Zionist crowd, thanks to the promotion of the Israeli-American Council. Individuals brought their own megaphones and led the crowd in rants and songs, which stood their own against the thunderous, unified chants of the anti-Zionists.

Pro-Islamists march back from Israeli Consulate to Federal Building in Westwood.

Israelis march across Wilshire Blvd to counter pro-Islamists' attempts to dominate the central L.A. intersection.

Rabbi Moshe Parry feels that in order to eliminate the present and future terror-rocketing from Islamist Hamas, Israel must suffer-the slings and arrows of war and the biased, liberal media-inversion, in order to destroy Hamas ability to terrorize Israelis. 

This Israeli-American couple addresses the true motivation of the Muslim-led, anti-Israel protestors.  It isn't about the civilian casualties, he says. They hate Israel entirely as a part of the global Islamist movement to conquer and kill the Jewish state same as al-Qaeda, Taliban, and ISIS/Islamic State.

I.D.F. veteran, Ted Felsher, whose 82 relatives were murdered for anti-Semitism in the Holocaust, explains what he feels Israel stands for- and what her enemies seek.

A mural 20-feet long delineated the history of Muslim anti-Semitic activism, particularly with Nazi Germany.  

Mr. Arlan Mitnick recalls that the Grand Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini collaborated with the Adolph Hitler to kill Jews, and after the war, Egyptian President Nasser imported Nazi war-criminals to practice their craft of political anti-Semitism. 

Jews demonstrate to the world to defeat the juggernaut ethnically-cleansing minorities in the Midde East.

Several anti-Zionists crossed over into the pro-Israel crowd to photograph individuals.  This man claimed to be a journalist. DemoCast reporter Dalit explores where he intends to publish them.
Dalit enquires anti-Zionist's intentions shooting individuals
After the police who were separating the sides departed, Arabs and Marxists crossed over to physically threaten the Jews.

(Microphone was impaired).

Rabbi Parry recounts his experience standing against anti-Zionist speakers at both the Federal Building and their speeches at the Israeli Consulate.  He offers advice for pro-Zionists.


Journalists escaping Gaza tell of Hamas-inflicted horrors: The truth about Hamas vs Israel will never appear on your television

Hamas' rockets mistakenly destroyed their own electrical plant
Israel’s military has estimated that more than 10 percent of Hamas missile launches fell in the Gaza Strip.
Bibi depicted conducting Coliseum bloodsports in Gaza
The military has asserted that nearly 300 rockets fired by Hamas and its Palestinian militia allies landed in the Gaza Strip. In at least one case, a medium-range M-75, based on Iran’s Fajr-5 rocket, exploded during launch. The rocket contains a conventional warhead of at least 100 kilograms and at least seven Palestinians were killed.

A Hamas rocket is fired from the Gaza Strip.
“Over the course of the operation approximately 280 rockets were launched and landed within the Gaza Strip,” the military said on July 30. (World Tribune)

Elder of Ziyon reports:  
I have been on a bit of a rant about Gaza reporters giving only one side of the story.  A Facebook post by Israeli media figure Michael Grynszpan described how Hamas is controlling the message conveyed by the international media:

Islamists abducted Wall St. Journal reporter Daniel Pearl
investigating the World Trade Center bombings in 
Pakistan 2002 (Courtesy
I met today with a Spanish journalist who just came back from Gaza. We talked about the situation there. He was very friendly. I asked him how comes we never see on television channels reporting from Gaza any Hamas people, no gunmen, no rocket launcher, no policemen.. We only see civilians on these reports, mostly women and children.
He answered me frankly: “It’s very simple, we did see Hamas people there launching rockets, they were close to our hotel, but if ever we dared pointing our camera on them they would simply shoot at us and kill us.”
Wooh, impressive. Then I asked him “would you mind saying that on camera? I can film you explaining this…”
For some reason I cannot really understand he refused and almost ran away. I guess my camera is as dangerous as Hamas threats…
“So just for you to know, the truth will never appear on the images you see on television,” Grynszpan concluded.
World Affairs journalist Michael Totten tells DemoCast of  his experience with Hamas' conditions that distort honest reportage from Palestine.


With the mainstream American and International Press desperately looking to find a moral equivalency between the U.S.-deemed terror organization Hamas and the State of Israel, media reports have been quick to point the finger at the Jewish State for Palestinian civilian causalities, especially the tragic deaths of children in Gaza. 
But journalists who haves left the Hamas controlled territory – no longer fearing retaliation from the militant group – are confirming Israel’s claims that Hamas is operating out of hospitals and firing rockets from civilian neighborhoods – using their citizens as human shields – killing their fellow Palestinians when rocket attacks don’t reach Israel and detonate in Gaza. 
 Italian journalist Gabriele Barbati took to Twitter Tuesday and reported:
The Jerusalem Correspondent for Radio Popolare Milano, and former correspondent for Beijing’s Sky Italia, also backed up an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesman claim that Hamas rockets, not IDF strikes, hit the United Nations run Shati refugee camp, killing nine children.

Cornell Law School professor William Jacobson asks on the website Legal Insurrection: “How many more of the civilian casualties have been caused by Hamas and Islamic rockets that fell short or misfired?”
Jacobson, who serves as Director of the Securities Law Clinic at Cornell, raises a question all responsible journalists need to be asking and stipulating when they report casualties from the Gaza Strip. But as more reports of journalist intimidation from Hamas are revealed, it’s clear honest and objective reporting is nowhere to be found in the Hamas-controlled territory.


Daughter of Gaza, Nonie Darwish explains Islamic Jew-hatred mandates war to conquer Israel

Gaza-born, former Muslima, Nonie Darwish, lectures a group of Israeli-Americans about the bigotry in Islamic culture towards Christianity and especially Judaism which underlies the conflict against Israel and Christian minorities.

Mrs. Darwish authored three books, ‘Now They Call Me Infidel”, “Cruel and Usual Punishment”, and “The Devil We Don’t Know; the dark side of revolutions in the Middle East."

Nonie holds a Bachelors degree in Sociology and Anthropology and was a journalist at the Middle East News Agency. She founded, 1994, to promote understanding, peace and a new paradigm for Arabs to view Israel.   Recorded July 20th in Los Angeles, California