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Exiled Iranian human-rights advocate asks Americans not to remove sanctions against Mullah regime

Exiled Iranian opposition leader, Morad Moallem, likens the nature of the Ayatollahs' regime to the Nazis, Fascists, or Communists. He explains their goals, apocalytpic nature, and strategies for the West to protect the world from them.

Democratic-reformer in exile, Morad Moallem, explains the mentality of the totalitarian power ruling Iran and seeking complete Middle East oil domination, and the defeat of Western resistance to Islamic domination.

Presciently expressed in DemoCast exclusive in 2007

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Filmed days after Boston Marathon bombing at the L.A. Times Festival of Books


Obama/Kerry's "catastrophic blunder' in enabling Iranian Mullahs over enemy Israel, GOP Congress

Premier Netanyahu, Iran Pres. Hassan Rouhani, Pres. Obama
"A deal with Iran built on lies" by Wesley Pruden, editor-emeritus of The Washington Times, Apr 2'15.
Everything about the so-called deal with Iran, including the reputations of the men who negotiated it, is a lie. It's likely to be a deadly lie for millions of people who will die on account of it. The world should mark well everyone responsible for it.

Victor Davis Hanson writes "Obama And Kerry Fashion A Neville Chamberlain Legacy" in Investors' Business Daily April 1, '15.

Artist: Bosch Fawstin © 2010
"The current negotiations with the Iranians in Lausanne, Switzerland, have all the hallmarks of the Munich negotiations. The Iranians, like Hitler, have only contempt for the administration that has treated them so fawningly. During the negotiations in Switzerland, the Iranians blew up a mock U.S. aircraft carrier. Their supreme leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, did his usual "death to America" shtick before adoring crowds.

Our dishonor in Lausanne, as with Munich, may avoid a confrontation in the present, but our shame will guarantee a war in the near future." by Victor Davis Hanson "Obama And Kerry Fashion A Neville Chamberlain Legacy" in Investors' Business Daily April 1, '15. 
Addressing Americans at AIPAC in March, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu conveyed his concerns about the risks that Obama was assuming in the prospective agreement intended to stop Iran's nuclear program, as Israel is its assumed primary target. 

Amb. John Bolton explains why he calls Obama/Kerrys' flawed Iran nuclear agreement "a catastrophic blunder" (in this exclusive video). He claims:

1. Iran being allowed a nuclear program and a ballistic missile program triggers a massive nuclear proliferation in the Middle East.

2. Iran already equips terrorists with weapons. They can get nuclear bombs into the West by ground.

Amb. Bolton addressed Proclaiming Justice to the Nations gathering in Nashville, TN 2/24/15

Israel: Deal a capitulation, will give Iran ‘a military nuclear program’ Times of Israel Apr 3

Obama calls Netanyahu; Jerusalem protests ‘historic mistake’ that will make world ‘more dangerous'; says Iran keeps all its facilities, escapes sanctions

Secy of State Kerry and Foreign Min. Mohammad Jawad Zarif
“The framework gives Iran’s nuclear program, the sole purpose of which is to produce nuclear bombs, international legitimacy,” the Israeli official said.“Iran will still have extensive nuclear capabilities. It will continue to enrich uranium. It will continue its centrifuge research and development. It will not close even one of its nuclear facilities, including the underground facility at Fordo. This and more. 
“The bottom line,” the Israeli official warned, “is that this deal ensures the full removal of the sanctions against Iran’s nuclear program while assuring that it will keep its nuclear capabilities. 
“There is no demand that Iran stop its aggression in the region, its terrorism around the world or its threats to destroy Israel, which it has repeated again over the past several days,” the official complained. 
“This deal kowtows to Iranian dictates and it will not lead to a nuclear program for peaceful purposes, but rather to a military nuclear program.”
Israeli cabinet explains flaws in Kerry and Obama's Iran framework announcement at press conference April 3, '15

Netanyahu and Obama (Photo: Reuters)
P.M. Benjamin Netanyahu: "I just came from a meeting of the Israeli cabinet. We discussed the proposed framework for a deal with Iran. The cabinet is united in strongly opposing the proposed deal.

This deal would pose a grave danger to the region and to the world and would threaten the very survival of the State of Israel.

The deal would not shut down a single nuclear facility in Iran, would not destroy a single centrifuge in Iran and will not stop R and D on Iran's advanced centrifuges.

On the contrary. The deal would legitimize Iran's illegal nuclear program. It would leave Iran with a vast nuclear infrastructure. A vast nuclear infrastructure remains in place.

The deal would lift sanctions almost immediately and this at the very time that Iran is stepping up its aggression and terror in the region and beyond the region.

In a few years, the deal would remove the restrictions on Iran's nuclear program, enabling Iran to have a massive enrichment capacity that it could use to produce many nuclear bombs within a matter of months.

The deal would greatly bolster Iran's economy. It would give Iran thereby tremendous means to propel its aggression and terrorism throughout the Middle East.

Such a deal does not block Iran's path to the bomb. Such a deal paves Iran's path to the bomb. And it might very well spark a nuclear arms race throughout the Middle East and it would greatly increase the risks of terrible war.

Now, some say that the only alternative to this bad deal is war. That's not true. There is a third alternative – standing firm, increasing the pressure on Iran until a good deal is achieved.

And finally let me say one more thing. Iran is a regime that openly calls for Israel's destruction and openly and actively works towards that end. Just two days ago, in the midst of the negotiations in Lausanne, the commander of the Basij security forces in Iran said this: "The destruction of Israel is non-negotiable."

Well, I want to make clear to all. The survival of Israel is non-negotiable. Israel will not accept an agreement which allows a country that vows to annihilate us to develop nuclear weapons, period.

In addition, Israel demands that any final agreement with Iran will include a clear and unambiguous Iranian recognition of Israel's right to exist."

Mrs. Karen Shirley, an AIPAC-attendee from Northern California,  explains objections to  Obama administration plan for Democrat political expediency rather than increase sanctions against Iran to get a better deal in the future.


John Bolton: U.N. is irrelevant to Iran deal (which Obama would ignore violations of)

Amb. John Bolton says Obama/Kerry Iran deal which Netanyahu publicly exposed through Congress would be a free-hand for Iran to develop nuclear weapons.

A U.N. Vote Is Irrelevant to the Iran Deal

The Security Council can’t stop the U.S. from using force to protect itself from anyone’s nuclear weapons.

JOHN BOLTON in Wall St. Journal March 16 

Press reports that President Obama will enlist the U.N. Security Council to bless his imminent nuclear agreement with Iran have unleashed considerable controversy. Many worry council action would bind the U.S. to the deal, circumventing congressional scrutiny. Moreover, Iran may see U.N. action as protecting it from a subsequent change in U.S. policy.

There is no need for worry. The Security Council can do nothing to limit America’s freedom to break from this agreement or take whatever action it deems necessary to protect itself.

First, even the U.N. will require Iran to comply with any commitments made to the Security Council’s five permanent members and Germany. Bureaucracy-loving diplomats and Secretariat personnel will probably create a council committee to monitor Iran’s performance, but neither the U.S. nor any other U.N. member must accept the committee’s judgment that Iran is in compliance when it has contrary information. Washington can act on what it knows, whether or not it discloses the extent of its knowledge.

Members of the U.N. Security Council
Members of the U.N. Security Council (Photo: Reuters)
Given Iran’s dismal performance in living up to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty and existing resolutions requiring that it cease all uranium-enrichment-related activity, Tehran will almost certainly begin violating the deal before the ink is dry. Security Council committees will be bystanders, and the U.S., Israel and others threatened by a nuclear-capable Iran will rely on their own intelligence to detect Iranian cheating.

The gravest danger during Mr. Obama’s remaining two years is that the White House and State Department will ignore, play down or suppress information that Iran is breaking the deal. Ignoring palpable treaty violations is built into the DNA of many arms-control theologians, and this administration will insist that the bureaucracy follows the party line that Iran is complying. 

(Amb. Bolton address to PJTN in Nashville, Feb. 23, 15)

Congressional committees (intelligence, armed services, and foreign affairs) will have a critical role in overseeing White House efforts to minimize dangerous Iranian behavior.
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Israeli election special: Experts endorse Netanyahu's concerns about Obama trying to unseat him for exposing Islamist threat to Israel and the world

How do Israeli elections result in a government?    

Israel's electoral system uses proportional representation - voters don't vote for a local Parliamentarian, they vote for a party. Then the party makes up a list of preferred candidates, and allocate them seats in parliament, the number of which is determined by the percentage of the vote the party receives.

(Filmed Election Night in Jerusalem, 2009 at The Israel Project).
Because of the sheer number of parties, no one ever wins an outright majority, so the government is made up coalitions. In practice, this means that governments rarely ever last a full four-year term.

The prime minister is usually the leader of the party that can form the first coalition which has a majority.
Now, after the votes comes the haggling for the coalition. 

Seldom has a foreign election been so significant to the free world. While Israelis consider their distressed pocketbooks, they bear the weight of the free world upon their shoulders. They must elect a leader who'll defend them (and by proxy, the West) against the Iranian Islamist revolution- enabled by the Obama and John Kerry administration. The Iranian threat against the Gulf oil states and Israel is acknowledged. But Obama's threat to indirectly endanger Israel (and the West) to Islamism is hidden by the mainstream media in both the West and Israel. Will Israel be governed by a center-right coalition headed by Benjamin Netanyahu, or a center-left coalition, headed by Isaac Herzog? Israeli political thinker, Caroline Glick, analyzes the election quandry in perspective 

Column One: Israel’s next 22 months by Caroline Glick in the Jerusalem Post March 12

... Since taking office, Obama has used the US’s intelligence ties with Israel to harm Israel’s national security.
Caroline Glick of
He has also used diplomacy to harm Israel. Last summer, Obama sought a diplomatic settlement of Hamas’s war with Israel that would have granted Hamas all of its war goals, including its demand for open borders and access to the international financial system.
Now of course, he is running roughshod over his bipartisan opposition, and the opposition of Israel and the Sunni Arab states, in the hopes of concluding a nuclear deal with Iran that will pave the way for the ayatollahs to develop nuclear weapons and expand their hegemonic control over the Middle East.
Amid of this, and facing 22 months of ever more hostility as Obama pursues his goal of ending the US-Israel alliance, Israelis are called on to elect a new government.
Israeli party leaders, Benjamin Netanyahu and Isaac Herzog
This week the consortium of former security brass that has banded together to elect a leftist government led by Isaac Herzog and Tzipi Livni accused Netanyahu of destroying Israel’s relations with the US. The implication was that a government led by Herzog and Livni will restore Israel’s ties to America.
Yet as Obama has made clear both throughout his tenure in office, and, over the past week through Malley’s appointment and Menendez’s indictment, Obama holds sole responsibility for the deterioration of our ties with our primary ally. And as his actions have also made clear, Herzog and Livni at the helm will receive no respite in US pressure. Their willingness to make concessions to the Palestinians that Netanyahu refuses to make will merely cause Obama to move the goalposts further down the field. Given his goal of abandoning the US alliance with Israel, no concession that Israel will deliver will suffice.
And so we need to ask ourselves, which leader will do a better job of limiting the danger and waiting Obama out while maintaining sufficient overall US support for Israel to rebuild the alliance after Obama has left the White House.
The answer, it seems, is self-evident.
The Left’s campaign to blame Netanyahu for Obama’s hostility will make it all but impossible for a Herzog-Livni government to withstand US pressure that they say will disappear the moment Netanyahu leaves office.  (Read it all in a new window
Knowledgable individuals we recorded in Washington and Nashville agreed with Mr. Netanyahu's exposing the Obama administration's strategy to not stop Israel's enemy Iran from continuing to amass refined uranium for 10-years. And these experts also objected to Obama pressuring Netanyahu and Democrats interested to listen to him- while former Obama campaign organizers operated an election campaign in Israel to defeat Mr. Netanyahu.

Sean Hannity: Obama puts Israel's existence in jeopardy; Iran 'evil needing eradicating' 

Lt. Col. Allen West: 'Obama 'shamefully" seeking to defeat Netanyahu for exposing Iran threat' 


Obama's State Department-funded group bankrolling campaign to defeat Netanyahu with joint, Isaac Herzog/ Tzipi Livni ticket

Legislators looking into State Department’s past funding of peace advocacy group that is supporting Israeli ‘V15′ campaign, Fox News reports'- Times of Israel March 14, 2015
Isaac Herzog and Tzipi Livni of Zionist Camp intend to alternate Premiership

An investigatory bi-partisan panel has been convened in order to probe allegations that the US State Department gave a political group that opposes Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu taxpayer-funded grants, a source with knowledge of the proceedings told Fox News on Saturday.

The news broke a day after Netanyahu told The Times of Israel that it didn’t require “a tremendous leap of imagination” to believe that the Obama Administration wants to see him gone as prime minister.
Labor's Isaac Herzog at Kibbutzim College in Tel Aviv (Photo Ofer Vaknin)

Watch DemoCast original video interview with Israeli opposition candidate, Isaac Herzog, filmed at AIPAC last year.

The Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations has agreed to look into charges that the State Department helped fund OneVoice and thus indirectly funded its affiliate V15 — created by Israeli activists ahead of Tuesday’s election as a concentrated, grassroots effort to unseat Netanyahu.

Read more: Senate said probing US ties to anti-Netanyahu group | The Times of Israel 

Meet Obama organizer working to boot Bibi

Mentored by disciple of notorious radical Saul Alinsky by Aaron Klein in World Net Daily  March 2, 2015

270 Strategies' Jeremy Bird brings Alinsky to Israel
Jeremy Bird, the national field director for President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign, specializes in the revolutionary tactics infamously pioneered by radical community organizer Saul Alinsky.

Jeremy Bird is largely known for his 2012 campaign role, where he was central to building what he described as “the strongest grassroots organization in the history of American presidential politics.”

He explained Obama’s 2012 re-election infrastructure, aptly titled Organizing for America, had 631 offices in swing states alone, compared to challenger Mitt Romney’s 282.

According to Politico, Obama’s grassroots network — led by 270 Strategies’ Bird and Mitch Stewart — encompassed “10,000 neighborhood team leaders, 30,000 core team members and 2 million volunteers.”

Bird’s re-election team reportedly utilized publicly available information on voters, collecting as many as “500 data points on a single voter, from his reading habits to his opinions on the economy,” according to a 2013 Bloomberg profile.


'Why NBC snubbed me from "SNL40" Saturday Night Live star, comedienne, Victoria Jackson

Saturday Night Live actress/comedienne, Victoria Jackson, explains how her criticism of Obama administration policies has resulted in Lorne Michaels snubbing her from SNL's 40th Anniversary Reunion Special.

Ms. Jackson, a conservative Christian, is vocal in her opposition to Obama's tolerating Islamist growth and threats to Christians, Jews, and secular Muslims. She expressed her concern about Pres. Obama's facilitating Islamism internationally and domestically in a new song, "Is There A Muslim in the White House?"


'Defend the biblical foundation of western civilization from Islamism'- Israeli parliamentarian, Uzi Landau, asks religious broadcasters at NRB

In a precursor to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to Congress, Israeli Cabinet member, Uzi Landau (Israel-Our Home party) asks religious broadcasters to defend Israel (the home of the foundational religious principles of America) and western civilization from the global Islamist revolution.

Exclusive video of Israeli Tourism Minister Landau's address delivered at the National Religious Broadcasters Association 2015 meeting in Nashville, Tennessee.


CPAC integrates Mark Levin and Brent Bozell points; Global security on new CPAC leaders' agenda

Mark Levin accepts Citizens United,'s Defender of the 1st Amendment Award
The American Conservative Union (ACU) and its signature event, the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) are heading in a more conservative direction, ACU's new chairman Matt Schlapp told Matthew Boyle of Breitbart News.

The primary theme for CPAC 2015 is “Conservative Action Starts Here.” He referenced how Breitbart News and other conservatives held, at CPAC 2013 and CPAC 2014, panels called
 “The Uninvited”and “The Uninvited II,” because of a lack of focus on social and national security issues at CPAC those years. 

The divide wasn’t just found at those Uninvited panels, though–conservatives inside CPAC raised their concerns with leaders like Citizens United’s Dave Bossie, the Media Research Center’s Brent Bozell, and others speaking up about the concerns in the building. Because of those struggles in recent years, and concerted efforts by the ACU to listen to grassroots concerns about the direction of the landmark conference, the organization is now emerging as stronger, more conservative and more united. (Matthew Boyle in Breitbart News, Feb. 16, 2015)
Democracy Broadcasting News attended the 2014 CPAC and brings you original photo and video excerpts of those issues. The Washington Times presented "Idol Live,"a professional review competition for young political journalists, such as Emily Hoosier (pictured) at the 2014 event.

True conservative principles- Media Research Center's founder L. Brent Bozell III presents his views at Citizens Union's inaugural, "Andrew Breitbart, Defender of the 1st Amendment Award"

Mark Levin speaks accepts the "Andrew Breitbart, Defender of the 1st Amendment Award" from Citizens Union

We asked Mark Levin to clarify his position on Brent Bozell's claim that the Conservative Party does not seek secularist members.

Clare Lopez: 'Putin and Iran pawn Obama (weak to enemies, tough to allies and critics) at the spin-off "The Uninvited" Conference - which addressed issues of security policy.

Also on the slate for the Feb 26th weekend, CPAC show:
“Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson, will be given the First Amendment Award after defending his Christian beliefs on homosexuality and other topics, resulting in his brief suspension from the reality show. (Washington Times)

Most, if not all, potential GOP presidential candidates will be speaking at CPAC this year. They include former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, Sens. Marco Rubio (R-FL), Ted Cruz (R-TX), Rand Paul (R-KY), former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, real estate magnate Donald Trump, former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, Dr. Ben Carson, 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee Gov. Sarah Palin and former Texas Gov. Rick Perry. (Breitbart News)