American Freedom Alliance conference: Amb. John Bolton assesses state-of-Islamism-resistance, and the alarming message Dr. Wafa Sultan emerges from 5-year silence to warn us

US Ambassador John Bolton topped the roster of experts educating Western societies resisting the march of political-Islam at a conference held Sunday on Western Civilization and Islam sponsored by the American Freedom Alliance in Los Angeles. The conference presented Muslim and non-Muslim experts expounding on the nature of (and socio-political coping with) Islam's cultural and political expansionary essence.

John Bolton addresses Western Civ and Islam Conference
Amb. Bolton addressed his keynote overview of the current picture of Islamist imperialist aggression around the globe. He remarked (in this DemoCast.TV embedded video):
"I'd like to talk a little bit about the threat that radical-Islam and political-Islam, more broadly, pose to the United States and its friends in Europe and elsewhere around the world. I think it's important that we try to say at the outset every time this subject comes up- that we are talking about politics and ideology here. This is not a question of religion.

And those who say that 'when you talk about radical-Islam you're insulting Muslims all over the world' are simply engaged in propaganda. It's actually Muslims themselves who have felt the worst effects of Islamic terrorism and who suffer under its rule in places as diverse as Iran and the Caliphate that ISIS now holds."

Amb. Bolton gave this example of Muslims trying to resist the Islamist expansion.

"(Jordan's) King Abdullah and other political leaders in the Middle East have said, 'This is a civil war within Islam. It's a struggle for how the religion is perceived around the world. You think of Gen. al-Sisi in Egypt who was courageous enough a couple of years ago to join the Coptic Christians and the Coptic Pope in their celebration of Christmas- and to say that "We are all Egyptians together" thus, among other reasons, putting a target on his back from the Muslim Brotherhood. So I think that this is a critical distinction to make. And one that those who don't want to have a clear understanding of radical-Islam are quick to try and obscure."

Amb. Bolton presented this detailed assessment of political Islam (also known as Islamism's) growing influence around the globe, with particular emphasis on where Obama has been too dovish- Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey- which have enabled Russia to supplant the United States as the Middle East regional power.

Syrian-born psychiatrist Dr. Wafa Sultan, in delivering her first, speech in 5-years, analyzed the psycho-socio and theological motivations behind Islamic imperialism. Dr. Sultan declared to the A.F.A. audience that Islam is inherently radical, expansionist, and supremacist.

In her talk (video embedded), she challenged conventional notions put forward by the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR)  and perpetuated by the mainstream-media. She also resents that Pope Francis, she feels, fronts for intolerance by contending that "Islam is a religion of peace." In this talk, she explains why she feels that isn't true.

Transcript (partial):

"In brief, Islam is not a religion. It is a political ideology that imposes itself by force and fear. American values such as compassion, respect and acceptance of others, should not get in the way of understanding the danger that threatens those very core virtues. Following those values blindly might lead to demise.

I am originally from Syria and I have been closely (and sadly) watching the hellish war that has been going on for over 5 years now. I can tell you that this war is a living proof that no country on earth is immune to the destruction and cruelty Islam brings.

When it comes to Islam, Americans are sound-asleep. They have to wake up and realize destruction and cruelty can (and will) happen here if they continue to ignore the magnitude of this ideology.

Millions of Islamists throughout the world are ready to act-out their ideology to kill or to be killed in order to be divine, have their next meal with Mohammed, and sleep with 72 virgins.

They are indoctriniated to believe that Islam is here to take-over the world and restore the Islamic Khalifa of the 7th century.

When they find weak governments that are more interested in political correctiness, rather than protecting their country, they will seize the opportunity to destroy that country's religion and replace it with Islam.  They practice Islam not as a religion, but as a weapon. They understand the need to infiltrate and destroy from within.

This is my first public speech in 5 years. I have sadly halted my mission as a result of the despair and the frustration that had once taken over me. I have had to fight on 2 hostile fronts- neither of them easier than the other. The first is to fight this vicious ideology through my writings and speaking out in Arabic.

The second front is to penetrate the mindset of those in the world that don't understand Islam and convince them that there is no such thing as Islam and "radical Islam"- All Islam is radical.

The difficulties I faced trying to educate people in America, the America that I love (and am ready to sacrifice my life to protect) was beyond my ability to overcome in the past. But not today. Today, I am here speaking to you urging you to stand up with me against conformity and submission.

People have been brainwashed to believe that all religions are basically good and have good intentions. But Islam is not good. Nor does it have good intentions.
Islam justifies hatred and violence- as well encourages it. Not that long ago, the Pope states that the Koran is a book of peace and Islam is a peaceful religion. Wrong- absolutely wrong! On the contrary, it is also psychologically and spiritually damaging to people like myself who had suffered under the Islamic Shariah.

A week ago, I read a book called, "Winners Never Cheat." It is written by an American billionaire named Jon Huntsman. Originally, I thought I would learn from the billionaire's advice and insight into business hoping that I would become a billionaire. To my shock, Islam was mentioned twice in the book. On page 186, the author said, "In fact, Islam encouraging the practice of endowing money or property, called waqf for the purpose of maintaining schools, hospitals and churches. And churches? Wrong! Absolutely wrong!
In fact, the concept of waqf means exactly the opposite of what the author described. Waqf means whatever Islam can take over and own is reserved solely for Muslims. One of the purposes of waqf is to destroy churches, not to maintain them.

For example, since ISIS took over the north of Iraq, not one 1 church has been kept intact. All of them have been totally destroyed. The Pope and the billionaire have been tricked. And don't dare to tell me that ISIS is not Islam or Islam is not ISIS. ISIS is walking in the footsteps of Mohammed and the teaching of Islam.

The world is in denial. These powerful men are supposed to LEAD the majority, yet one cannot recognize the difference between churches and mosques. And the other claims that Islam is a religion of peace. Two very conflicting and contradictory statements. We are in a real dilemma.

I don't believe the author or the Pope set out to lie. I truly believe they have fallen victim themselves. Victims of this rapid-growing false belief in a so-called 'religion of peace.' They intended them to grow-up reading the Koran in Arabic. But maybe somehow they came across a poorly-translated, watered-down version of the Koran."  

(Dr. Sultan's talk continues beyond this partial transcript).


'Americans' commitment will determine liberty's future'- global affairs experts at American Freedom Alliance event

Karen Siegemund, Chair
The issues of protecting western democracy at election time were an undercurrent connecting attendees and speakers at the American Freedom Alliance's annual, "Heroes of Conscience" Awards event in Los Angeles in May. 

Chairperson, Dr. Karen Siegemund (who assumed leadership from the late Avi Davis) is bringing together the West's top experts on conservative matters to the group's events for lecture and discussion.

Gary Aminoff, Communications Dir., A.F.A.
Mr. Gary Aminoff, communications director for the American Freedom Alliance, describes the group's work as more think-tank and educational, rather than an political activist organization. 

Some of the speakers of the evening spoke candidly with Democracy Broadcasting News regarding their message and their concerns for western future stability.  

French patriot, Philippe Karsenty, urges Americans to shed Obama/Hillary mind-grip on addressing and defeating global Islamism.

French patriot, Philippe Karsenty declares it urgent for Americans to elect a strong-man to defend western civilized people from Islamic socio-political conquest. Ath the American Freedom Alliance's Heroes of Conscience Awards in Los Angeles.

French-Catholic author, Guy Milliere: "France and Belgium tolerate Islamists for multicultural anti-Israelism" 

French author, Guy Milliere offers advice for westerners to learn from the Muslim attacks in Europe, such as the Bastille Day truck attack on Nice, France. He urges westerners to resist Islamism and Muslim immigration.  The problem has gotten so bad, he no longer feels safe in his home country and is emigrating to America.

How GOP can thwart Hillary from continuing a worse, 3rd term of Obama leftist policies- Larry Elder. 

Conservative radio host, Larry Elder, delineates America's problems caused by liberal Democrats, and why Donald Trump is a better choice to improve government and society. 

Trevor Loudon: 'Democrats hang world at tipping point, only electing GOP could rescue.'

Conservative New Zealand thinker and author, Trevor Loudon, explains the need for a strong America to sew-up the global policy faults of the Obama administration. He discusses his assessment that the entire world hangs in the balance of discontinuing Democrat rule of America- and why.

The A.F.A. group will host a conference: "Islam and Western Civilization: Can they co-exist" featuring speakers Amb. John Bolton, Robert Spencer, Dr. Wafa Sultan, Nonie Darwish, and FrontPage Magazine blogger Daniel Greenfield on August 21st in Los Angeles. Please see their website for details. 


'The world waits for a courageous America'- American Freedom Alliance anglos, Loudon and McAleer

Karen Siegemund emcees A.F.A. picnic in L.A.
The American Freedom Alliance, under the new administration of Karen Siegemund and its board-members, held a picnic July 10th in Los Angeles, featuring media-making speakers. 

In anticipation of the release of his documentary, "The Enemies Within," author, Trevor Loudon addresses the American Freedom Alliance summer-picnic with the situation Western Civilization faces, and the importance of American voters to replace the Democrat administration for the stability of the free world.
AFA member, Gary Aminoff and author,Trevor Loudon (l-r)

Trevor Loudon: 'Why freedom rests on stopping Clinton'- author and producer of the soon to be released film version of his book series, "The Enemies Within." 

Trevor Loudon analyzes and advises voters on the ramifications of failing to defeat Hillary Clinton at the polls this November. 

Philem McAleer dramatized depositions of Hillary's abetters
Irish documentary filmmaker, Phelim McAleer also addressed American Freedom Alliance's summer picnic in Los Angeles.

"Phelim McAleer's "Clinton Email On Film" is based on depositions given by top Clinton aides to the watchdog group Judicial Watch, the latest from adviser Huma Abedin. "It's compelling viewing — as she is in turn petulant, defiant and then apologetic," he said.

From the Washington Examiner 
McAleer's films show actors re-enacting the real depositions, which were filmed but sealed from public view. "We only made these re-enactments because Hillary's lawyers managed to persuade the judge to seal the tapes until after the election. That's just not good enough, and by spreading these films you are helping to end censorship," he said of his productions. So far, he has re-enacted four depositions, by Abedin, Clinton legal adviser Cheryl Mills, tech adviser Bryan Pagliano and Clinton's State Department secretary Stephen Mull."
AFA volunteers attentive to Phelim McAleer
Wikipedia: (With his wife, Ann McElhinney), they have written and produced the political documentaries "FrackNation," "Not Evil Just Wrong," and "Mine Your Own Business," as well as "The Search for Tristan's Mum" and "Return to Sender".

They also produced a true-crime drama film based on the crimes of Kermit Gosnell to be released in 2017.

AFA leader Karen Siegemund, also introduced Bill Becker, general counsel of FreedomX- self-described as "protecting Christian and Conservative freedom of expression."


On Independence Day / Entebbe Rescue anniversary- Netanyahu & filmmakers on what Americans and Israelis share

On America's 200th birthday in 1976, Benjamin Netanyahu's IDF officer brother, Yonatan, helped lead a mission to to rescue 105 Israelis kidnapped and being held at Entebbe Airport in Uganda. Bibi drove from Boston to tell his father Bentzion, teaching in Ithaca, NY, that Yoni had been killed leading that rescue mission. On July 1st, 2016, Prime Minister Netanyahu gave this address at the US Ambassador to Israel's residence, prior to flying to Uganda, where Idi Amin's son Jaffar welcomed Anat Shomron Bukai, the only daughter of Dan Shomron, who commanded Operation Thunderbolt.
Debbie Schlussel, Zionist blogger and film critic, characterizes Israel's July 4th 1976 raid on the Entebbe Airport in her Israel’s Raid on Entebbe, 40 Years Ago Today – Defeat of Jihadists

"the heroic, successful Israeli Army rescue of passengers that hijackers working for the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terrorist group (and Germany’s Baader-Meinhoff Gang/Red Army) had taken hostage to Uganda. America was jubilant in celebrating its special birthday and independence, and its closest ally in the world, Israel, was also jubilant in the rescue of people taken hostage on an Air France flight because they were Jews and flying from Israel. Israel paid special tribute and had parades in honor of its ally, America’s 200 years of independence. But Israel also had its own celebration going on–that Israel had successfully rescued so many Jewish lives threatened by Palestinian terrorists. I say Palestinian–and not Muslim–because the PFLP was not an Islamic organization. Its leader, George Habash, and his deputy, Wadih Haddad, were Christian Arabs. 

The Israeli commandos at Entebbe carried out a secret mission planned on the previous Jewish Sabbath to rescue the passengers. All but four passengers were rescued. Three were shot by the pro-Palestinian hijackers, and an elderly Jewish lady was murdered by Muslim Ugandan dictator Idi Amin’s henchmen, as she sought medical treatment at a Ugandan hospital. The operation’s commander, Yonatan “Yoni” Netanyahu a/k/a Jonathan Netanyahu–whom many say was the superior Netanyahu brother to current Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, was killed in the raid. Other than this casualty, the operation was carried out with surgical accuracy and success. Although the flight contained 248 passengers, as is usual for bigoted Palestinians and their supporters, the non-Jewish passengers were freed, and 103 Jewish hostages were rescued by Netanyahu and his fellow IDF commandos. The Israeli commandos also killed all three hijackers and 45 Ugandan soldiers (have fun with those 72-revirginized, chumps!), and they blew up 11 Soviet MiGs. An awesome achievement." Read more of  Israel’s Raid on Entebbe, 40 Years Ago Today – Defeat of Jihadists

At the L.A. Jewish Film Festival screening of  a biography of Cannon Films director Menachem Golan, Austrian actress, Sybil Danning, relates how she managed to get Germans to finance Menachem Golan's hoped-for, Hebrew-language dramatization of Operation Thunderbolt, "Mivtza Yonatan," depicting the Netanyahu brother's frontline role in the Entebbe rescue mission.

Watch "Operation Thunderbolt" ("Mivtza Yonatan" in Hebrew) featuring Klaus Kinski and Sybil Danning, produced by Yoram Globus, directed by Menachem Golan.  

(Click Settings cog to activate subtitles in English).

"Golan: A Farewell to Mr. Cinema- L.A. Premiere Documentary, UK/Israel, directed by Christopher Sykes

This film is the final chapter in the extraordinary life and career of Menahem Golan, Israeli movie director, producer, mogul and madman. Golan and his cousin Yoram Globus, pursued the American Dream and turned the Hollywood power structure upside down, producing over 300 films and becoming the most powerful independent film company in the world; Cannon Films. Golan produced movies featuring such stars as Sylvester Stallone, Chuck Norris, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and Charles Bronson. In his eighties and living in Jaffa, Golan looks back to his great days in Hollywood, forward to a new blockbuster, and dreams of the Oscar he has always wanted.

Sybil Danning and assistant director, Sam Firstenberg discuss life with legendary Israeli director Menachem Golan at the "Golan" documentary, post-screening at Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival in May, 2016.


Hours before Orlando massacre, LGBT Republicans educated L.A. Pride revelers on homophobic Islamist threat which Hillary & Obama indulge

After protestors depart, Nestor Moto, Jr. returns to stump for Trump at LA Pride
On Saturday June 11th, DemoCast visited the L.A. Pride Fair preceding the Gay Pride Parade on June 12th. Omar Mateen's massacring homosexuals at Orlando "Pulse" took place merely hours afterwards. Salaried protestors held "Dump Trump" signs at the entrance to the L.A. event, without challenge, except for one Iranian-Jewish refugee, featured in our video story. The majority of attendees range from liberal to far-left. 
LA Pride lesbians placate Matthew Craffe's outreach before Islamist massacre

Both liberal and conservative fair-attendees posed for photos as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton at the Log Cabin Republicans' booth. But only the Republicans we asked were familiar with the Islamic dogma to killing homosexuals- and recognized why Mr. Trump's policy for a moratorium on Muslim immigration was in LGBT's own interest.

Dr. Tawfik Hamid: Sharia Compliance Is a Death Sentence for Gays, ‘You Have to Throw Them from the Top of a Cliff or Burn Them Alive’ by John Hayward in Breitbart.com 13 Jun 2016
Dr. Tawfik Hamid, one of the world’s leading experts on radical Islamist ideology, joined SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon on Monday’s edition of Breitbart News Daily to offer his analysis of the Orlando terrorist attack at a gay nightclub.

“As I see it, it’s simply sharia in action,” he said, dismissing a variety of other half-hearted explanations offered for Omar Mateen’s murderous actions. “He is practicing sharia law, Islamic law, that until today — up until this very moment — justifies killing gays.” 
He said some Islamic scholars may attempt to claim that what Mateen did is “un-Islamic,” but that’s really just because of the execution method he chose. “From their point of view, to kill gays in an Islamic or sharia way, you have to throw them from the top of a cliff or burn them alive,” he explained. “To throw them from the top of a mountain, or a cliff, to have their bones broken, and then let them die in pain, or burn them alive – that is the Islamic way.” ...

Hamid said the real problem is “the ideology that can spread to us via the Internet, or physically via terrorists, through immigration — through many jihadis to infiltrate our border through refugee issues, for example, coming from unknown areas in the world that can harbor terrorists.” 
“They are a real threat, both physically and ideologically,” he warned.  Bannon asked Hamid if the U.S. media was effectively operating under “blasphemy laws” already, by refusing to discuss Islamist ideology, instead frantically seeking other explanations for Mateen’s atrocity — everything from mental illness to steroid abuse.
Hamid agreed that the media was trying to make the situation appear “un-Islamic,” but “irrespective of what they are saying, the reality is that it is Islamic, as it is told in the Islamic books, and certainly the media is not really trying to address the issue in an honest and scientific manner.”
“They are trying to use it politically. They are trying to dilute what is happening, to avoid any backlash against the Muslim community. But believe me, things will not change until the Muslim leadership, and the Muslim scholars, and organized relations, clearly and unambiguously denounce the barbaric sharia principles of killing gays, of killing apostates, of stoning women to death, of declaring jihad and taking sex slaves after declaring wars on non-Muslims.”


Rational Repubs wrestle with anchor-teens taunting Trumpers in California

"Go back to Europe!" Latinos antagonizing outside of Trump-rally get physical when countered by diverse immigrants' knowledge, arguments 

Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, speaking to about 3,000 people in Anaheim, California (and partially broadcast live on CNN) offered an anti-immigrant message in a majority Latino city on May 25th.

Bandana masked Latinos confront Trump supporters at Disney-area rally

Citizens on all sides of the Trump spectrum clashed in and outside the Convention Center, as police from Anaheim and other cities, as well as Orange County sheriff’s deputies, used horses and riot equipment to control the crowd.

Pro-Trump attendees responded, "USA! USA!,” to protesters taunting them with, "Fuck Trump!"  a couple of fireworks exploded.  

Trump rally exitees confront Democrat antagonists in original DemoCast video. Two, Ventura college students say that, in the absence of police protection separating the clans, Bernie Sanders supporters drew switchblade knives against the Republicans. 

Several supporters and protesters nearly came to blows as the two groups screamed obscenities at each other. 

Around 2 p.m., police declared the gathering an unlawful assembly and ordered people to leave, closing down a stretch of Harbor Boulevard. 

Youths cursing around family tourists were asked by an Hispanic-American adult to curb their vulgar tongues. They tore his Trump sign from his possession and ripped it to pieces.

The protesters and supporters eventually moved onto Harbor Boulevard as Orange County Sheriff's deputies and Anaheim police began moving forward. Boris Kushnir, a legal immigrant from the former Soviet Ukraine, had attempted reasoning to defuse the confrontation of aggressive supporters of Bernie Sanders antagonizing Republican rallyers. 

As riot-police marched us away, Mr. Kushnir publicly challenged Bernie Sanders to a debate regarding the realities of a Socialist society. 

Fourteen people, including nine adults and five juveniles, were arrested Wednesday following Trump’s speech.

Mrs.Mara of Rancho Cucamonga spoke of the many minority supporters for Trump inside the rally, including Asians and Latinos.

As proof of the devotion of Latinos FOR Trump, she left her home before 6am in order to guarantee admittance into the free, noontime rally. 

Mara said, "We need change, different. This country is free, but you don't come over here for gimme-gimme. America is no sugar-daddy no more. You need to work and come here legally. And I'm Hispanic! I love Trump!" She added, "I like him, he is a leader, he is my president!"

Employed text from The Orange County Register "Donald Trump in Anaheim: Police Arrest 16 protesters at day, evening rallies" 27 May 16  Contributing writers: David Montero, Chris Haire, Scott Schwebke, and Brian Whitehead.


"America’s instructive humiliation in the South China Sea": Spengler

David P. Goldman in Jerusalem
Let us admit it fairly, as a business people should: We have had no end of a lesson: it will do us no end of good,” wrote Rudyard Kipling in 1902 after the Boers humiliated the British Army in the first round of the Boer War. America should express the same gratitude towards China, which has humiliated America in the South China Sea. By exposing American weakness without firing a shot, Beijing has taught Washington a lesson which the next administration should take to heart.
Last year I asked a ranking Pentagon planner what America would do about China’s ship-killer missiles, which reportedly can sink an aircraft carrier a couple of hundred miles from its coast. If China wants to deny the American navy access to the South China Sea, the official replied, we can do the same: persuade Japan to manufacture surface-to-ship missiles and station them in the Philippines.
It didn’t occur to Washington that the Philippines might not want to take on China. The country’s president-elect Rodrigo Duterte explained last year (as David Feith reported in the Wall Street Journal), “America would never die for us. If America cared, it would have sent its aircraft carriers and missile frigates the moment China started reclaiming land in contested territory, but no such thing happened … America is afraid to go to war. We’re better off making friends with China.”
It isn’t only the Philippines who see the obvious. China claims the support of 40 countries for its position that territorial claims to the South China Sea should be resolved by direct negotiations between individual countries, rather than before a United Nations tribunal constituted under the UN Convention on Law of the Seas, as Washington wants. A joint statement by the foreign ministers of China, Russia and India after a meeting in Moscow last month supported China’s position.
The US 7th Fleet was the eight-hundred-pound gorilla in the South China Sea after World War II, relying on a weapons system now more than nine decades old, namely the aircraft carrier. That was before China fielded its DF-21 “carrier killer” surface-to-ship missile. The latest iteration of the missile, designated DF-26, reportedly has a range of 2,500 miles. New technologies, including lasers and rail guns, might defeat the new Chinese missiles, but a great deal of investment would be required to make them practical, as a January report from the Center for Strategic and International Studies argued.


Western Civ in the Middle East- from Israel's history to Mossad thriller series on display at Jewish Film Festival in L.A.

L.A.J.F.F. premiered Israeli espionage series, "K'fulim" ("False Flag")
featuring stars Angel Bonanni, Ania Bukstein, and co-creator Amit Cohen
The L.A. Jewish Film Festival runs for the week between Wednesday May 18th and May 25th on this schedule. Exec. Director Hilary Helstein discusses some of this year's offerings, from their red-carpet event in Beverly Hills.

On the 50th anniversary of  Israeli musical Kuni Lemel," original host of "Let's Make a Deal,"Monty Hall presents Kuni Lemel actor, Mike Burstyn, a lifetime achievement award on behalf of the Festival. Mr. Burstyn answers audience questions about the film and his career.

Actor, Eric Edelstein, discusses the Jewish-American comedy he stars in, "The Pickle Recipe," and lays-out L.A. Jewish delis he frequents- for visitors to note.